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Freestyle bikes at Eastman Industries represent an offshoot of racing and sports bikes. You will find wide range of freestyle bikes in our selection, including park, street, flat band, dirt and everything else that isn’t on the race track.
Our freestyle and sports bikes are built with high standard material and comes with innovative features and graphics. We designed sports kids bikes that not only meet your riding needs, but also match your personality. At our advanced kids bicycles manufacturing plant, a freestyle bike is built to withstand the punishment of jumping, trick riding and everything else that takes places as you progress through freestyle riding experience.

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Eastman Industries has the best selection of freestyle bikes. We understand that every bike rider has different riding preference and personality. Therefore, you will find immense diversity and variety in our freestyle kids bikes selection to meet your niche riding requirements effectively.
Browse through our selection to find the best freestyle bikes. Simply choose your bike, and send us an enquiry. Our experience staff is ready to help you make the right choice for your riding needs.