Eastman Industries Limited, established in 1982, is one of India's oldest and largest bikes exporter and manufacturer at its present facility, it has capacity to roll out 400000 bikes an year. The facility is located in Ludhiana, widely recognised as one of the largest hubs in Asia for bikes and components manufacturing. The bike manufacturing complex is well-engineered and updated with technology.

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Mountain Bikes

With our Mountain Bikes, we are looking on the biker's side of life. These dream machines take the rider to the dream ride from rugged roads to light roads. These rocky mountain bikes that made you ride perfectly are the result of continuous efforts of our mechanics...

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City Bikes

The City Bikes are the normal bikes that are designed for leisurely small rides in the flat urban areas. These city bikes are equipped with superior brakes that perform quiet well in different weather conditions. The ergonomically designed bike is comfortable too and...

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Kids Bikes

The bike is the dream of every kid. It is the friend of their joyful times that inspire them for exciting journey and make them feel grown-up. These bikes are ergonomically designed in futuristic designs with vibrant colors and graphics...

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Carriage Bikes

The ergonomically designed carriage bikes are used for carrying light to little heavy loads to short distances. These bikes are designed as any other bike but is provided with an extra frame to place the basket that is used to carry loads. The baskets are attached ...

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Beach Cruiser Bikes

Eastman is a full-service shop selling all kinds of cruiser bikes, parts and accessories. You will find ergonomically designed bikes that you can comfortably ride and cruise around. Since we are manufacturing and exporting cruiser bikes since over three decades...

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Indian Classical Bikes

The Eastman Indian Classical Bikes are ergonomically designed with extra rigidity. These classic bikes feature mildly raised handles that supports comfortable sitting and riding posture.The models are available in attractive shapes with...

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Fully automatic disc based Painting process , Discs are imported from OTSON, Taiwan both for primer & paint Annual Capacity of rolling out 400000 bikes

  • 11 tank Phosphating Process to ensure the long life of paint
  • Fully automatic conveyor based mechanism for error free handling of goods

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